​​                                                                                     DIGITAL REVOLUTION RADIO

      Digital Revolution Radio Founded in 2007 by Sondra Lupulio Sego aka Lady Sondra
It all started when I joined Facebook and got involved with the music community. I had saw
that there was to be an interview with one of the Artist that I really liked that would be DJ ASHBA
This interview was taking place on Powerhouse Mix Radio.  So I clicked the link that brought me to
the Radio Station. I joined the Chat Room and started socializing  with all the people that were in there.
I made friends with the station owners and all the people in that chat.  So after the interview I was
hitting up this station ever day and I totally loved what they were doing with the music scene. ​​​​​​​I was 
totally involved at this point, I started helping out the station owners finding bands to spin on their
station and getting interviews for them as well with these bands. A year went by the station owners
and myself became very close at this time. I finally became a Dj on the station to Lady Sondra's Rock Cafe. I was  having a blast.. So moving forward the station owner had things going on in her personal
life that kept her from staying focused. She knew i can handle the station so I offered to buy the station
and I did. It started out as Digital-Revolution-Radio then decided to take the Hyphens out and
Since 2007 to current we are www.digitalrevolutionradio.com

We are a fully Licensed Radio Station. For each spin of the band's music that are registered with
BMI-ASCAP-SESCAP-SOUNDEXCHANGE  you are paid royalties. Every band that has submitted their
music to the station I personally make sure that your getting enough airplay after your debuted on
a Broadcaster's show. ​​​​​Also  I wanted to tell all the bands that I do not charge for your airplay never would ask for any money. Your music gets spun all over the globe whether or not your in chat room!
Asking for money or being in a chat room for your music to be spun that doesn't sit well with me as I have seen a lot of stations that do this.. Im so against it!!!​

I am vcry proud of the station and all of the Broadcasters that are part of the Family here. They  have
helped make it possible to keep things going as with their awesome shows. Over 9 years I had
Broadcasters come and go but it is very hard to become a Broadcaster on Digital Revolution Radio.
Why I say that is because you have to be totally passionate about the music, the bands, helping
promote these bands and stick with it.If you have been following us from the beginning you will
know exaclty what I am talking about.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Digital Revolution Radio is going stronger then ever now. I will say that it's not easy it is a lot of
work but I stuck with it all this time because of the passion I have for the music community.​​​

                                                                             A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL 
                                                                                 THAT HAVE BEEN VERY ​
                                                                                         " SUPPORTIVE​"

To all the Band's that have submitted their music to the family here at Digital Revolution Radio
Keep it coming your music is in great hand's. ​​​

Sondra Lupulio Sego
Founder/CEO/General Manager of Operations and Promotions
Contact Information is

                       Digital Revolution Radio 2007